Creative Art Therapy | Family Violence

Creative Art Therapy

Creative Art Therapy

Creative art therapy differs from mainstream therapies that often rely on talking alone. Although talking is still a significant feature of group work, creative art therapy offers a number of benefits that talking alone cannot achieve.

The creative process can empower us to tell our story and make sense of our experience and begin to find our way out of the chaos, the frightening memories, and the raw emotion of our experience of abuse. With this opportunity, we can secure a sense of becoming grounded and strong, able to find hope and reclaim our identity and sense of self in the world.

Doncare provides the following Creative Art Therapy groups to support women and children in recovery:

S.T.A.R Kids for kids in grades 4, 5 & 6

Re:SPECT for women

You Matter for teens aged between 13-18 years


“I’ve realised that the connection between the creative arts and self-reflection is stronger and more healing than I imagined"

For more information, please email Doncare’s Family Violence Therapeutic Group Coordinator or call 9856 1500.