Children's Counselling in Doncaster

Children's Counselling

Children's Counselling

Doncare has two Children’s Counselling programs:

PS 4Kids

PS4Kids provides short-term counselling for low-income Manningham families with children aged 0-12 years.  To access this service, your child will need a referral from either a GP or other eligible referrer such as a Maternal Child Health nurse. Call us on 9856 1500 and ask to speak to the Children’s Counsellor for more information.  Further details on the Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) Doncare provides.


Generalist Counselling

We also provide a low cost generalist Children’s Counselling Program to support children aged 6-17 years.  Please call us and ask to speak to the Children’s Counsellor about your child’s needs on 9856 1500.


In some circumstances Doncare will assist people to find a service that is more suited to meet their particular needs, through referral to other practitioners and agencies.


Doncare provides a confidential counselling service, which includes appropriate professional consultation with counselling supervisors. We reserve the right to report serious risk situations to appropriate authorities.