Children's Counselling

Children's Counselling

Children’s Counselling programs:

Doncare’s child and youth counsellors aim to create a neutral, secure and supportive environment to enable children and young people to explore practical solutions to common problems that a child or young person has experienced.  Doncare provides therapeutic support groups and counselling for children experiencing multiple complex issues including:

  • anger,
  • anxiety
  • behavioral problems 
  • bullying 
  • depression 
  • family difficulties 
  • grief
  • peer relationships
  • self-esteem 
  • stress
  • trauma
  • post traumatic stress 
  • specialist family violence counselling

Counselling provides a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space where your child can talk about whatever is going on for them. It helps them find new ways of dealing with their issues, and develop life skills that are healthy and empowering. Your child’s counsellor will not tell them what to do, but instead will help your child find their own solutions to problems and assist them with ideas and suggestions that have helped other children with similar difficulties.  Some of the techniques used in counselling children are a little different from those used with adults and vary depending upon the age of the child.  We might play a game, do some creative activities, play with toys, or listen to a story.  

How does this help? 

lt can be difficult for a child to talk about what is bothering them simply by sitting down with them and inviting them to talk; they are likely to feel hesitant and uncomfortable and not say much.  So our counsellors use other strategies to help children feel more at ease and provide them with different ways to communicate what is going on for them.  Children are encouraged to express their feelings in healthy and appropriate ways and learn new skills to help them deal with whatever is troubling them. 

Generalist Counselling
Doncare also provides a low-cost generalist Children and Youth Counselling Program to support children aged 6-17 years.  Please call us on 9856 1500 and ask to speak to the Child and Youth  Counsellor about your child’s needs.

In some circumstances, Doncare will assist people to find a service that is more suited to meet their particular needs, through referral to other practitioners and agencies.

How can counselling help me?


Doncare provides a confidential counselling service, which includes appropriate professional consultation with counselling supervisors. We reserve the right to report serious risk situations to appropriate authorities.

Therapeutic Support Groups

Cool Kids is a therapeutic group for kids aged between 8-11 years which aims to: 

  • Create a safe environment for children to learn about how to express and manage their emotions
  • Provide children with the opportunity to develop skills that allow them to establish and maintain positive relationships.
  • To facilitate opportunities for children to meet and have fun with other children who have shared similar experiences.

Anxiety Hack is a group for teens 14-16yrs experiencing anxiety symptoms or at risk of developing anxiety

The group aims to:

  • Educate teens about types of anxiety and symptoms
  • Provide teens with a good understanding about their own worries, anxiety and stress
  • Give teens new skills to manage their symptoms better
  • Teach relaxation, helpful thinking and effective behavioural strategies

Contact Daina 
9856 1500 

The children’s counselling program is provided in partnership with Manningham City Council.