Doncare's mission & vision

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Doncare delivers a holistic model of services to support, strengthen and empower the community. 

For over fifty years, Doncare has been the major community services provider in the City of Manningham.  Doncare is part of the fabric of the community, establishing a unique business model predicated on volunteerism.  Doncare strives to continue to deliver a holistic model of services to Manningham residents experiencing crisis or disadvantage, as well as foster community connectedness through social support programs and volunteering. 

Read Doncare’s Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025

Our Vision

A community where all people lead a dignified life and fulfill their potential.      

Our Purpose

​To create transformational change for our community through providing holistic, person-centred services which positively impact individual and collective health and wellbeing outcomes.​

We will continue to build on over 50 years of history supporting the community across all life stages through a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and students.

Our Core Values

The following core values underpin and guide our culture, our practice, and our decision making.


We provide accessible and inclusive services which recognise the inherent dignity and human rights of every person


We honour people’s beliefs, values, diversity, and rights.

Self determination

We champion and promote opportunities that enhance people’s freedom and capacity to fulfill their social, cultural, and economic needs.


We provide resources and guidance to enable people to build their capacity and resilience to respond to life’s opportunities and challenges.

Generosity of Spirit

We are committed to fostering connections and celebrating humanity through empathy, kindness, and compassion


The needs of our community are often complex, and constantly evolving. We are committed to leading edge practice and investing in innovation to ensure our services are as impactful as possible