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Men’s Health & Wellbeing

Men’s Health & Wellbeing

Doncare’s Men’s Health & Wellbeing Counselling and Father-Focused programs acknowledge the unique challenges that men face within their families and communities. 

We recognise there’s a delicate balance between taking care of their family and career responsibilities in what is perceived by some as the traditional male role in the family context.  We also know that more and more men are choosing to stay home with the family, and subsequently find themselves facing the same stigmas and struggles that women have faced for years. 

Either way, men face considerable emotional pressure Many men are struggling as they try to find their balance between work and life, not to mention the demands that come with being a father, father-figure, partner, brother, uncle, or stepdad. 

“The biggest challenge was that growing up it was my mother who always looked after the children whilst my father always worked, so I have not seen fathers take on a caring role in the family to see how it’s done.” 

Doncare client

Our Men’s Health and Wellbeing Counselling service offers a safe space for men to discuss and reflect on challenges they are experiencing.  Read more

Doncare provides a strength-based, solution-focused, collaborative approach to setting goals that are both targeted and meaningful.

We recognise the fact that fathers often face logistical issues which prevent them from engaging with services, so Doncare provides flexibility in the location and time of appointments, with availability after hours and online. 

For more information on Men’s Health & Wellbeing and how we can help, contact or call 9856 1500.