Volunteer at Doncare

Volunteer at Doncare

Volunteer at Doncare

Volunteering at Doncare benefits you and the community

Doncare’s operational framework is predicated on volunteerism, with over 200 people volunteering across all of our program areas.   As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to actively contribute to the health and wellbeing of your community and become involved in delivering our services and programs. 

People volunteer for many reasons and in different ways.  There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from making a difference.  You can work for a cause you are interested in or create change in areas that are important to you.  You can build new skills and meet new friends.  

If you would like to volunteer at Doncare, you can check out the opportunities available below:

Opportunity Shop Volunteers

DAWN Mentor

Counselling Volunteers

Doncare Community Visitors Scheme – Volunteer Visitors

Social Support Worker

Community Support Worker

Do something that your future self will thank you for