Low-cost Counselling in Doncaster | Doncare



Doncare offers trauma-informed, recovery-oriented, culturally safe, and responsive counselling:

What is counselling?

Counselling is talking with a professionally trained person about your difficulties or fears, in order to find new ways to set and achieve your own personal goals. Most people will at some point in their lives have issues or difficulties that can be helped by the process of talking things through with a counsellor.

Suitable for:

  • common mental health problems - depression, stress, anxiety, low self-worth
  • relationship problems
  • couples counselling
  • trauma
  • pain or physical illness causing emotional distress
  • coping with ageing, life transitions
  • effects of socio-cultural isolation
  • grief and loss
  • family violence recovery
  • parenting and family difficulties
  • children aged over 5 years and adolescents
  • sexuality and intimacy

Doncare’s trained counsellors provide a confidential and impartial service free from the constraints of friendships and family relationships. Our counsellors are qualified professionals, qualified volunteers and Provisional Psychologists and Masters of Counselling students who are working towards full registration. Extensive professional training, supervision, and support go on behind the scenes to ensure that the counselling our clients receive is professional, effective and of the highest quality.

At Doncare, we believe that everyone should have access to counselling, so our low-cost counselling program is designed to assist people to access support where their personal circumstances may be.  For more information on booking appointments, please visit Counselling Appointments.