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Prepare Enrich

Prepare Enrich

Committed Couples, Partners Relationship and Skill Building Sessions

Doncare is proud to offer the ‘Prepare-Enrich’ Committed Couples and Partners program which is the leading national relationship questionnaire and skill-building program. Over 4 million couples have completed the Prepare-Enrich (PE) program worldwide. 

Research has shown that the PE program can improve relationships and happiness for partners at all life stages who are committed to each other and their relationship. 

Deepen your bond with a personalised snapshot of your relationship. Illuminate a clear understanding of you and your relationship while developing confidence and relationship skills.

Prepare-Enrich is custom-tailored to each couple’s unique situation. Partners work through positive exercises to build their relationship skills and learn to understand themselves and their partner better. It is well suited for those at all life stages wishing to explore, enhance or enrich their relationship. This includes couples in long-term relationships, as well as committed and/or pre-marriage couples.


Committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress, strength, and growth areas.

The program begins with the couple each completing a detailed online questionnaire individually. This is done online at a cost of $46 paid directly by the participants on the PE website. The survey takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Once both partners are finished, the survey will generate specific highlights of their individual and relationship attributes and growth areas, among them their communication styles, expectations, personal stress profiles, conflict resolution styles and their understanding of their individual family histories on their relationship.

Couples then meet with Doncare’s PE facilitator who helps the partners identify and work through areas of growth based on survey highlights. They work through skill-building exercises that are customised and specific to their individual and relationship needs. Exercises also consist of questions partners can ponder between sessions individually and together.

Suitable For Couples and Partners who wish to:

  • Explore, enhance and/or enrich their existing relationship/marriage
  • Are preparing for a long-term commitment or marriage
  • Are both committed to improving their relationship

Gain personalised insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems.

Program Duration & Fees

Face-to-face or online video sessions are available.  

Please contact us via email at or call our Intake team on 9856 1500 for more details.