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Op shops

Op shops

Money raised through Doncare’s six opportunity shops fund services to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the local community.

Doncare operate six opportunity shops in the cities of Manningham and Whitehorse as well a depot that raise substantial funds for Doncare programs. Our volunteers are an integral component to the success of this program and contribute over 1,154 hours of volunteering per week (57,700 hours per year).

Our 260 volunteers in the Op Shops Program are between 18 and 90+ years with extensive life experiences and volunteer for varied reasons. Some wish to improve their English, others are wanting to develop skills to return to work, give back to the community or develop friendships. In addition to volunteering at the shop or depot, many volunteers take on extra responsibilities by being a member of the shop committee to oversee the day to day running of the shop. We have also recruited volunteers who have particular skills that the Op Shops Program can utilise, for example a handyman (a retired builder/carpenter) to assisti with repairs and maintenance in the shops and depot.  

In 2017 the depot team increased from 7 to 17.  All volunteers perform a variety of tasks including electrical testing, recycling metals, furniture pick ups and delivery to customers. Three  of the depot’s volunteers received a Menzies Award in 2017 in recognition of their contribution to the community - Graeme Andrews, Kevin Fowler and Peter Gartner. Our thanks and congratulations.

Doncare highly values its volunteers whatever their skills and experience and acknowledges that without them, we would not be able to raise the income we do for the programs Doncare operates.   One such volunteer is Loris who started volunteering 35 years ago in Doncare’s first opportunity shop in Burke Road in 1982. Doncare is incredibly grateful to Loris for 35 years of hard work and commitment to the Opportunity Shops Program and to each and every volunteer.

Whilst the op shops provide practical support to those in need, the primary focus is raising funds to support Doncare’s programs. Last financial year (2016-2017) the Op ShopsProgram raised $1,148,445.  Aside from funds raised at the op shops, income is generated from metals collected from the shops to be recycled, old phones are recycled, unique items are sold on eBay and Doncare hosts occasional jewellery sales.

The Op Shops Program also values and appreciates the generous donations from the public and businesses who donate new and preloved items that we can sell to our customers.  Find out more

Individuals and businesses can become involved in the Op Shops Program in many ways, by donating their skills, time and new and preloved goods. The Op Shops Program sincerely thanks all those who have assisted in these ways during 2016-2017 and welcomes their contribution and support in 2018.  If you would like to join the chorus of volunteers you can find more information on how to apply here

Doncare programs and services support the community across all life stages, assisting: