Client testimonials

Client testimonials

Client testimonials

In the words of former clients of Doncare …

Single mother of 12 year old twins:

“Thank you for the opportunity to keep my children’s lives on track, the parenting advice, the clothing, helping us set up house, the outings and especially for just being there when things weren’t quite clicking together.”

Single mother with 2 children, aged 14 and 11:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and assistance. I am so appreciative as without your assistance, I do not know how I would cope. You are all such caring and wonderful human beings. Thank you once again.”

Single mum of 2 boys, aged 12 and 15:

“I walked out of the interview feeling like someone’s really listening, it just felt so good.”

Single mum of 3 children:

“To all of the wonderful Doncare staff, we thank you SO MUCH for all of the very generous support Doncare has given to us. You have been a lifeline for all of us and have especially ensured our children have not missed out on anything. We are very grateful and will always remember your kindness. Be encouraged you are making a very special difference in many people’s lives. God bless all of you.”