About Volunteering

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of your community, while helping others and yourself. You can volunteer for many different reasons: to meet new people, learn new skills, add to your CV, help other people, make good use of your spare time, take on new challenges, or use your skills and experience in a positive way. By volunteering, you can make a positive difference to other people’s lives – and your own.

Read more about reasons for volunteering.

“Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain”

When you volunteer, you choose to give your unpaid time and skills to help others and participate in our community to create positive change.   There are many different ways to volunteer, such as:

  • for many hours or just a few
  • on a regular basis or for special events only
  • long-term or short-term
  • “formally” through an organisation in the not-for-profit sector, in a specially assigned volunteer role
  • “informally”
  • by independently helping other people such as your neighbours
  • through an organisation you’re already connected to, such as a school, sporting club or religious organisation.

Ways to Find a Volunteer Position

  • Search via this webpage using the ‘Find a volunteer role’ button at the top of this page
  • Attend an Introduction to Volunteering (I2V) session.  Book here.
  • Call 9856 1546 to make a time for a ViM interview
  • Search on GoVolunteer for volunteer vacancies 
  • Make and manage your own volunteer profile online. Read more.

Read Volunteering Victoria’s guide for volunteers here.

Where to start

Sometimes you might ‘fall into’ volunteering, but at other times you might make a conscious decision to volunteer and then face the challenge of where to start.

1 – Decide that you want to contribute to your community by helping in the not-for-profit sector.

2 – Think about your skills and interests—which of these would you most like to use, improve or obtain in your volunteering activities?

3 – Contact your local Volunteer Support Organisation or visit the Volunteering Victoria website.

4 – Read about the various roles.  Choose those you like.

5 – Contact the organisation/s to indicate your interest. Find out how to apply for available volunteer positions.


Not sure what sort of volunteering you’d like to do?

Prefer to discuss your options individually or confidentially?  Make an appointment for a ViM Interview, by ringing 9856 1546 during office hours and ask to speak to the ViM Coordinator.