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Good news stories

After attending the ViM National Volunteer Week Seminar, a woman followed up with a one-to-one interview, not holding out much hope that a volunteer position could be found to fit her personal interests and talents.  Being a keen knitter, hearing about knitting jackets for penguins affected by oil spills had sparked her interest. She found out about several opportunities to knit for people in need and was thrilled at the idea of combining a hobby with being able to volunteer in her own time. Another suggestion that resonated with her was to take her knitting to an aged care centre where she could sit and knit amongst seniors who had been knitters in their younger years, allowing them to again feel the sensation of wool in their fingers and build conversation around this shared interest. Other interests were identified and potential roles found to match.  At the end of the interview she went away with a number of potential roles and thanked ViM and Doncare for the personalised service and for identifying roles so closely connected with what she enjoys doing.

Quotes from volunteers matched with roles

“Meredith, you’re an angel. I don’t know where they found you”.

“Thank you so much! I didn’t think I’d find such great volunteering roles doing things that I just love”.

“Thank you. This ViM interview was time very well spent“.