Doncare's mission & vision

Mission & vision

Mission & vision

Doncare delivers a holistic model of services to support, strengthen and empower the community. 

For fifty years, Doncare has been the major community services provider in the City of Manningham.  Doncare is part of the fabric of the community, establishing a unique business model predicated on volunteerism.  Doncare strives to continue to deliver a holistic model of services to Manningham residents experiencing crisis or disadvantage, as well as foster community connectedness through social support programs and volunteering. 

Our Strategic Action Priorities:

  • Governance
  • People and Culture
  • Community Partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Growth
  • Provision of Services

Read Doncare’s Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021

Our Vision

An inclusive safe community where all in need are offered the support they require.       

Our Mission

To recognise the diversity of need and support our community across all life stages, through our dedicated team of volunteers and staff.

Our Purpose

To build on our 50 years of providing community support by understanding and meeting the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, adults and families in Manningham and surrounds.

Our Values

Our values define us. They guide the ways we develop and manage our organisation and inform our culture.


We respect and empower people as we grow the skills, knowledge, diversity and enthusiasm of our clients, staff and volunteers.


We are transparent, fair and honest in all we do. We act with professionalism, accountability and the highest standards of quality and care.


We work collaboratively with governments, community groups, local business and other agencies to serve our community.


As an impartial community service organisation we embrace the richness of diversity and equality of access.

Generosity of Spirit

We promote a strong and healthy community where generosity of spirit is encouraged.