Experiencing crisis? Doncare can help



Doncare provides short-term generalist casework support to residents of Manningham who are experiencing a crisis. We work closely with people who are dealing with multiple complex issues and struggling to keep it all together. 

Case Managers develop a relationship with clients and deliver comprehensive, practical support with persistence, reliability, and respect. Goals are identified and prioritised as plans of action and are monitored and adapted to maximise successful outcomes.

Presenting issues continue to include family violence, social isolation, and difficulties accessing primary services and welfare benefits.  Clients present from a range of cultures, language groups, marital statuses, and genders.  

Our caseworkers can:

  • Provide practical support for problem-solving
  • Work with you to help develop strategies
  • Accompany you to an appointment
  • Liaise with government agencies, e.g. Centrelink
  • Find and include other services where needed
  • Help fill in forms and funding applications
  • Research other support services, e.g. housing
  • Discuss household budgets and debts
  • Advocate for you
  • Support the changes you want to put in place.

Call us on 9856 1500 and ask to speak to our Intake Manager about casework support.

In addition to our vital support to clients, the program provides a high-quality, direct practice placement opportunity for social work students who then grow to understand the needs of clients that they will work with as they move towards their future careers. Students provide direct casework support to clients, working with them to link them with ongoing supports and services; helping them to negotiate difficult Centrelink or NDIS regulations, or assisting in securing funding.  Students also receive high levels of supervision and feedback about their work and participate in networking and training opportunities to further expand their knowledge and skill levels.  In return, we all benefit from their enthusiasm and energy.

Doncare’s Case Management program is provided in partnership with Manningham City Council.